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Products - SERS Substrates

Silmeco products are different. We utilize patented nanofabrication technologies that exclude lithography and involve only two simple process steps. By combining simple, high-volume manufacturing processes and specific nanostructure patterns, Silmeco gives you superior SERS substrates.

SERS Substrates - high quality

SERS Substrate - SERStrate

Ultrasensitive molecular detection - superior quality and performance

  • Superior performance
  • Low background signal
  • Large area signal uniformity
  • High volume manufacturing

SERS Substrate - Custom

Specific requirements? We can tailor SERS substrates to specific requirements

  • Customizable
  • Contact us for more info



Hire an experienced consultant from Silmeco to work on your next nanotech project

  • Advisory and support
  • Optimization
  • On-/offsite application/product development